What territorial cooperation between Europe and its Neighbourhoods?

12 novembre 2014 // 13:00 - 17:30

This ITAN dissemination event takes place in room JDE70, Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 101, in Brussels

[message_box title=”REGISTRATION CLOSED” color=”green”]Access to the Committee of Regions is strictly controlled. You will not be able to attend unless you have already registered (before November 6th) or you have permanent access. [/message_box]

This dissemination event of ITAN project aims at presenting the main results of the project as well as its main policy recommendations.

>> Streaming of the seminar

Objectives of the event

Presenting the main results of the ITAN project

– Innovative maps of Europe + Neighbourhoods, at local scale (oblasts, governorates…) –> Europe and its Neighbourhoods constitute a world region, with developed and developing countries, to be compared to East Asia or Northern America including Mexico
– Geographical analysis of the demographic stakes –> Is the demographic rise of the Mediterranean Neighbourhood a threat (migratory pressure) or an asset (rising markets)? What is the demographic dynamics in the Eastern Neighbourhood?
– An inclusive development? –> A Local Human Development Index has been calculated for all Neighbourhoods
– The Neighbourhood as a growth driver for Europe –> ITAN provides decision-makers with a geography of local markets and foreign investments in the Neighbourhoods
– What connexion to Europe? –> International openness, transport accessibility and connection of the Neighbour territories

Presenting ITAN main policy recommendations

– ITAN recommendation for a better territorial cooperation with the Neighbourhoods –> Transport, energy, agriculture and rural development, water and sanitation, decentralised cooperation… Avenues for common projects and policies with the Neighbours
– Two case studies
–> Opportunities for a higher cooperation within and with the Western Balkans
–> The regional challenge of Ukraine, at the macro-regional scale and at the infra-national scale
– Promotion of a “Neighbouroods Territorial Agenda” so as to integrate the various cooperations and projects between Europe and its Neighbour countries and give a comprehensive vision of our common region
– Promotion of a cooperation between Eurostat, Neighbour statistics national bodies and researchers in the field of local data harmonisation


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